Multi-Location SEO & SEO For Franchises

These days, there is an increasing demand for a more structured and clearly-defined strategy among enterprise-level businesses and franchises adopting multi-location SEO. Unlike several other SEO companies that employ shoddy multi-location SEO techniques, we are highly focused on helping enterprises achieve their individual goals of reaching and optimizing local markets. Ultimately, it is the primary responsibility of our SEO professionals to ensure that these businesses get increased local search visibility for every market they serve in regardless of their location and the number of service areas involved.

Improved Multi-location and Franchise SEO Services

We present no lip service when it comes to supporting businesses with multi-location and franchise SEO services. In fact, we always employ advanced methodology as part of efforts to provide credible multi-location and franchise SEO services at all times. All our strategies are completely structured to handle both on-site and off-site locations based on a unique but highly efficient cross-platform approach.

Google Local 3-Pack Listings

The Google Local 3-Pack is a major part of our milestone. Commonly referred to as Google My Business listings, we focus on getting businesses included on Google’s local listings which have now been limited to just 3 enterprises per pack. With this development, inclusion has not only become extremely valuable but also very competitive seeing that they are positioned at the topmost level of search results.

When it comes to determining Google My Business Listings, there is a similar range of organic ranking signals that Google often employs. However, it is interesting to know that there are several other local SEO strategies businesses can apply to gain inclusion. As part of efforts to improve the Google My Business listings, we work in the best interest of our clients by leveraging all local ranking factors available alongside our multi-location SEO services. We are mostly concerned with establishing a sustainable 3-Pack presence for every target market. In a bid to achieve this, we employ additional SEO strategies aimed at establishing and optimizing dedicated listings for their respective locations.

Hyper-Local Optimization

For franchise SEO, content has varying levels of performance when optimizing websites across each local market. In order to properly address website content, our SEO specialists will always endeavor to work along with webmasters, as well as businesses to ensure that an efficient location-specific framework is developed. When targeting large, competitive markets, hyper-local optimization is suitable for any business regardless of the number of locations it serves. Aside from supporting higher local search ranking and improving online conversions, businesses stand to enjoy better user experience when an effective hyper-local SEO framework is employed on their website. Virtually all forms of imaginable web content including press releases, blog posts, landing pages, and general web pages can benefit from this framework irrespective of the site’s and business’ structure.

Schema Markup

While the use of a hyper-local framework can always play an important role in improving the content of a website, the application of Schema (structured data markup) is designed to help search engines gain a better understanding of specific business information. Google works in connection with the provided location and targeted keywords to index the pages of a website by using those pieces of content (such as customer reviews, business and location information, etc.) mentioned on it to mark-up specific entities.

In a bid to ensure optimal placements in search engines, there is a need to use a dynamic strategy. We have a qualified team of SEO analysts that specializes in providing optimized markup recommendations through the use of structured data markup. For local businesses without an in-house development team or webmaster, we know just how to implement the code.

Citations and NAP consistency

Google is fond of using mentions of business name, address, and phone number (NAP) as citations that are associated with the map in its Google My Business listings. The validation of a business’ overall credibility and authority depends largely on the number of citations available and the consistency of the information obtained.

When it comes to boosting higher rankings in Google My Business listings, only a few techniques are as powerful as citation optimization. This is why it is important to ensure that accurate and consistent citations are made available at all times. Our professional team of SEO specialists is highly experienced when it comes to auditing the citation profile of any business, as well as its corresponding locations.


For SEO, directories are still very must essential even though they’ve become less popular for the strategy. As a matter of fact, there some credible websites that support these SEO efforts which are mainly aimed at generating traffic. Getting the required result in Google search can be quite challenging for businesses that solely focus on building directory listings for link building. As long as the Google My Business listings are concerned, there several powerful tools that can be used to improve SEO for franchises. These include directories like YP, Bing, Yelp, and Google.

We are experienced in helping businesses identify the relevant and influential directories in their respective industry. We often try as much as possible to ensure that an entire spectrum of social media sites, online directories, and other web channels are well-leveraged through our comprehensive citation management solutions. In order to achieve the maximum SEO value, we specialize in populating and optimizing every listing found after performing a comprehensive citation audit.

Online reviews

When it comes to improving multi-location SEO, the importance of online reviews cannot be overemphasized. Aside from serving as a medium for accessing credible business info, it is interesting to know that Google local search uses online reviews as part of its search engine ranking factor. Businesses looking to gain higher click-through rates in search engines must ensure that they secure more positive reviews.

We know just how to help businesses get reviews right from the pages of their websites. Aside from helping to provide credible SEO services through directories and reviews on Google Business, there are various ways through which we can help businesses gain more positive reviews from their customers through a richly formulated review-generation strategy. For every business location, we create unique review strategies aimed at reinforcing brands’ online reputation. Our unique online reputation management solutions are aimed at helping local businesses dented with bad reviews.

Social Media

Social media is now a powerful force to reckon with when it comes to gaining popularity. Most multi-location SEO strategies are channeled to support businesses through various social media sites, such as Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. No doubt, enterprises can effectively gain a sound social presence right in the community they serve through social media.

The use of social media for SEO campaigns is impressively overwhelming as it provides a naturally unique platform through which businesses can effectively market their products and services. As part of efforts to improve web ranking, we use social media to help business to not only establish a dedicated online presence but also to help them reinforce the core values of their brand.




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