Enhancing Visibility through Local Maps SEO

Our Google Maps marketing and local SEO services are aimed at helping businesses maximize their search exposure in the local 3 pack while also improving visibility in Google maps.

There is rarely any type of business that cannot benefit from the multi-faceted approach offered by Google Maps marketing – ranging from the local 3-pack listings to the ranked Google Maps. Primarily, we are focused on helping businesses take advantage of growing marketing opportunities by leveraging our highly effective marketing strategies. All these are combined together with review generation, on-site optimization, GMB (Google My Business) optimization to develop an integrated approach to local SEO.

In order to effectively meet the specific needs and objectives of our clients, we have taken the time to custom-design our Google Maps SEO and optimization solutions. Also, our optimization services have been upgraded as part of efforts to ensure improved visibility in ranked Google Maps results and local 3 pack listings. When it comes to employing Google Maps advertising, we are recognized as an AdWords Certified Agency that only seeks to adopt potentially usable opportunities. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about our Google Maps optimization and local search marketing services.

Promote Google Maps Marketing through Local SEO Services

When marketing to a local audience, it is extremely valuable for businesses to find a top spot on the Google Maps listing, including Google Maps search results and the local 3-pack listings. One good way to improve local SEO is to ensure quality optimization aimed at improving Google Maps marketing. Just so you know, there is rarely any type of business in today’s digital age that cannot get high-quality local traffic through local maps SEO. To this end, it has become imperatively important for businesses to adopt strategic Google maps optimization services aimed at improving local SEO marketing.

Factors Influencing Google Local Maps SEO Ranking

When compared to traditional organic SEO, there are some specific variables that could affect how businesses appear in the local 3-pack via Google local maps SEO. Below are some influential factors that can affect Google local maps SEO ranking:

– Whether the business has a verified Google My Business page

– The amount and authenticity of mentions (citations) as regards the business name, phone number, and address on other web listings like LinkedIn, Yellowpages, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

– The number of reviews and their average rating on the Google My Business Local page.

– How close is the business location to the geo-target or city center?

– The level of optimization of its Google My Business page.

– The domain authority of the business’ website

– The volume of citations mentioned on the website and their level of connection to the Google My Business page.

These are some of the major factors that influence how businesses are positioned in the local 3-pack and their websites ranked by local maps SEO. A business can be seen making the most powerful marketing efforts only when an excellent Google Maps SEO strategy is implemented. For the full range of local search ranking factors visit the MOZ page.

The Importance of Google Maps Marketing

Virtually every business today is interested in employing Google Maps marketing due to the dramatic growth and expansion of mobile internet.

– The increased use of mobile devices is transforming the digital world with over 80 percent of internet users owning a smartphone.

– Over 50 percent of searches on Google are performed by mobile users seeking to obtain information on the local business, product or service.

– Any company can gain incredibly wide advertising exposure via Google Maps marketing, thanks to the prominent inclusion of Google Maps on mobile devices which is aimed at improving searches for local solutions.

– In a bid to help users gain relevant information on the products and services they seek in their area, Google Maps now transcend beyond marketing to display general business and brand information such as driving directions, customer reviews, physical location, and hours of operation.

At our company, we specialize in employing techniques that have not only proven to enhance search engine visibility in the 3-pack listings but also enhance Google Maps optimization. Any business with multiple locations or franchise SEO can benefit from these techniques particularly when it comes to adopting local maps SEO for the sake of marketing.

Providing Strategic Local Maps SEO Services

Businesses need to be listed on relevant search engines (such as Yahoo! Business listings, Bing Local, and Google My Business) before any local maps SEO strategy can be effectively executed. It is common to find enterprises that are unaware of the fact that they already have an established Google My Business page.

This is why we always ensure that a thorough review of the web properties of the business is conducted while adopting Google Maps marketing. Claiming and verifying ownership of the enterprise’s Google My Business page is a very crucial aspect of the optimization process. Below are some of the initial steps we take:

– Adding all necessary information such as contact info, address, operation hours, etc.

– Employing appropriate categories to tag the Google My Business page for proper categorization of listings.

– Incorporating optimized images and videos of the business

– Seeking to earn more high ratings on search engines like Bing Local, Yelp, and Google My Business by implementing an effective review generation strategy.

– Ensuring accurate and consistent citations by auditing citations of the local business.

Aside from helping to bring about the desired growth, every business needs Google maps marketing and optimization as a dynamic SEO tool to beat their local competition.

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