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Attracting clients who are serious about plastic surgery and medical spa services is the goal of any aesthetic practicioner’s website. Implementing solid SEO strategies is the key to online visibility and increased client leads for plastic surgeons and medical spa owners.


As a rule of thumb for us, we assist business owners that we are sure to give maximum satisfaction. That is why our efficient team conducts a preliminary audit before client engagement. We believe it is vital to be presentable before starting any project. We do our best to understand our client’s business, their competitors, and to develop a strategy for success. Our primary goal is to help your practice grow by further developing your practices’ strengths, and exploiting your competitors’ weaknesses.


A prevalent problem in SEO is the use of bad or useless keywords. SEO is the game of keywords. If you don’t have effective and powerful keywords, then you are likely defeated before even beginning. From our intensive research, we have unraveled the mystery behind this problem. We have discovered that quite often the keywords you target are not best aligned with the ones your patients are using to search for your specific type of practice. So, it is important to think like your patients when determining your keyword list.


In a bid to deliver outstanding results, we closely analyze your competitors’ websites to discover and evaluate the keywords which they use to achieve a good SEO ranking and create an effective strategy. We further review your competitor's online ranking by assessing their backlink profile, anchor text and a variety of other local search ranking factors which has yielded them first-page success.


We identify the best keywords to incorporate into your website to get you the needed traffic and connect to your customer base. On-page SEO refers to the act of optimizing web pages in a bid to achieve a far better ranking in search engines. The end goal of this practice is to enhance organic traffic to your web pages as well as the 3 pack of the business listings. This involves strategically placing an exact- match keyword on your web pages such as in the title, meta description, and H1.


We ensure that technical issues such as slow website page speed, web design, broken links, websites without sitemaps and so many more related problems which weigh down your best chances to get a first-page results are all meticulously solved at once.


Another approach that we apply is to create necessary backlinks to your website to build domain authority. A natural link profile with the proper anchor text and one that has links of high authority and relevance will cause Google to raise SERP results and the domain authority of your site. That is why we utilize engagement and backlink strategies to help you beat your competitors. We do so by sharing your content on social media, submitting directories, outreach and creating unique content.


Sometimes, your backlinks can either make or break your website. From our array of tools, we analyze your backlink strength and capacity alongside your anchor text profile to investigate if it is working for or against you. This then helps us to develop a plan for repairing, optimizing, and generally build upon existing links to improve your SEO.


This Google My Business (GMB) tool is the most important to utilize and take advantage of when considering an online listing for any local business. GMB marketing optimizes your business presence such that whenever a local business is searched on Google maps, Google Assistant and other Google related search tools it pops up your business as among the first to be seen. This helps you to build a large customer base essential to grow your practice.


Every day, potential cosmetic surgery and medical spa patients are searching for plastic surgery on Google. The quickest way to ensure you are the plastic surgeon they find is to use plastic surgery SEO with a high level digital marketing agency.  There are numerous advantages of SEO for plastic surgeons. To begin, increased visibility on search engines like Google and Bing almost always leads to more plastic surgery consultations.  Furthermore, the SEO content creation on your website can serve to establish not only your website’s trustworthiness, authority, and expertise, but also to provide valuable information to your potential patients about the procedures you perform.

Any plastic surgeon understands that maintaining a successful practice necessitates a steady flow of new patient consultations. When done correctly, Santa Barbara SEO services can help you achieve your goals.  Increased Google rankings equate to an increase in the number of patients.  We’re an SEO agency and SEO consultant that helps plastic surgeons across the country expand their practices. Effective SEO specialists will ensure that prospective patients find you when researching the cosmetic surgery procedures you offer, whether it’s breast augmentation, facelift, rhinoplasty, or any other procedure.

Local Search FX is an SEO consultant for local SEO service needs, GMB optimization and google maps marketing.  Since finding your business locally also includes a variety of local search ranking factors, we also provide additional insight on how to tie in content marketing, review marketing, social media marketing, on-page SEO and off-page SEO link building into your overall SEO marketing strategies with an integrated approach so that your business can be found not only in the 3-pack business listings but also in the organic SERPs as well.  Your website is your most powerful marketing tool if you want your plastic surgery practice to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive digital world. You’re leaving a significant percentage of market share on the table if your practice relies solely on word-of-mouth or referrals from other doctors. It’s time to use advanced SEO service methods to get your plastic surgery practice to the top of Google. 


Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been proven beyond doubt to a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your website and expand your reach with better search engine rankings. At Local Search FX, we are search engine pros and pride ourselves in helping you create SEO based solutions for small and medium-scale businesses like yours.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of implementing the relevant keywords on a web page which can yield an excellent search traffic potential and raise the rankings of the website over time. Many methods have since been developed to achieve this ranking, such as On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.  This is in contrast to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is a type of online marketing that increases the visibility of websites through the promotion of them in the SERP results primarily through paid ads.

Today, when a customer conducts a search there are two forms of results that appear, namely the Pay Per Click (PPC) and Organic Results. Pay Per Click is a business model whereby a company or business places an advertisement on a host website such that when a user clicks on the ad, then a sum of money is paid to the host website owner. Once the set budget runs out, then the ad will be taken down. On the other hand, with organic results as long as you maintain top ranking with your targeted keywords, you need not worry about your ad being taken down. Pay Per Click ads receive 15% of clicks as compared to organic results which receive 85% of clicks because consumers always trust organic results more than paid ads.


  • By using SEO Santa Barbara, you will increase the user experience by providing your customers with relevant information specific to their searches.
  • Once customers perform a local search there is a much greater likelihood of them visiting your brick and mortar location.
  • SEO leads have a much higher close rate of 14% when compared to the 1.7% of outbound leads (contacting customers by cold calling or other purchased leads generally result in lower conversion.)This translates to a higher ROI.
  • Lead generation using SEO efforts ultimately leads to lower costs as there is no need to continue to utilize PPC campaigns.
  • By having a top presence in organic search, it sends the message to your customers that you have brand credibility and brand awareness.
  • Ranking in the top of the search results also gives your business a larger market share as the top 3 results receive the majority of the traffic.

The culmination of all of these factors tells us that there is a greater likelihood that your target audience is online and seeking the services of a business like yours.  If you have not developed a successful lead generation strategy, then it’s time to consider creating an SEO marketing strategy.  Positioning yourself with a strong Google Maps 3 pack presence along with organic SEO will provide the exposure needed to attract new clients.


No doubt, over the years local marketing techniques have changed due to a variety of factors. That is why using an SEO expert consultant is essential to gaining a competitive advantage. If you want to be a one-step ahead of your competitors, then it is important to be aware of current best practices. When it comes to being a Santa Barbara SEO expert, no one can beat Local Search FX!

We are well-aware of the latest trends and techniques of SEO Santa Barbara. So, if you are experiencing delays in your business due to your existing low rankings and poor SERP results, then we can be the right strategic partner for your business.



Do you need an SEO consultant come on-board to conduct a concise SEO audit to check your performance and also, further create an inclusive SEO Strategy or solution to get you back on track? Look no further- Local Search FX is here to provide you solutions. 

Our SEO Consulting Sessions Include:

  • Overall restructuring to suit your needs and demands
  • Keyword Research
  • Video Training Courses
  • SEO Audit
  • Keyword Selection
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Off-page optimization review
  • Link Building Strategy
  • On-page optimization review
  • Link Building Analysis
  • Reputation Management
  • Digital Marketing Campaign
  • And much more


  • Abundant Tools, Resources and Advice– Practice SEO and see yourself reaching out to thousands of potential clients online in the most cost-effective manner.
  • SEO Strategy– Acquire the skill and develop the strategies to get a top rating on search engines.
  • Accountability & Support – We assure of our support before, during, and after our services have been delivered, and you have gotten your desired results.

 To enjoy these powerful packages, sign up for SEO Santa Barbara Consulting Today!

  • Increase your online exposure
  • Get to the top of local search results
  • Generate more leads online
  • Get found online by your ideal target audience
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Get clarity on what steps you need to take to be successful with SEO
  • Get an accountability partner that helps you execute your strategy on time


Core Competencies

  • We offer after-service advice and tips to our esteemed customers.
  • We love to see you succeed in your online business by providing you a comprhensive SEO strategy.
  • We have an impeccable track record that shows our agility.
  • We are well-informed and flexible to relevant changes in the world of SEO.

Best SEO Services

There are a lot of SEO firms out there, so it’s natural if you’re a plastic surgeon or medical spa looking for the best one you end up feeling overwhelmed. Evaluate different SEO firms based on a variety of criteria, such as the services they provide, the quality of their customer care, and the return on investment (ROI) they’ve delivered in the past.  We simplify the process and provide the clarity you seek to achieve your goal which is to obtain the highest visibility, attract the most leads and schedule the most consultations.  Get in touch with us to learn more. Call now at 805-335-1681.

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