PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services

• Account review and goal setting

• Niche and competitor-based keyword research

• Account structuring or restructuring

• Ad content optimization

• Geo-targeting setup

• Conversion tracking

• Landing page optimization

• Manage monthly budget including daily bids

• Ad, location, sitelink and phone extensions

• Monitor conversion tracking using multiple ad-groups

• Creating multiple ads for each ad-group and fine tuning each ad

• Negative keyword integration

• Quality score improvement and optimized monthly budgetary spending

• Continued CTR improvement

• Continued ad position improvement

• Continued A/B split-testing for maximum results

• Monthly reporting

Experienced in Local PPC Advertising

When it comes to adopting local PPC advertising, there is the need to work with a company that is well-experienced in organizing productive Google Adwords and BingAds campaigns that can deliver meaningful ROI. Our company has been in the business of offering credible PPC management services to local businesses for nearly a decade. Through the years, we have managed to organize a certified team of local PPC professionals that are highly experienced in delivering excellent Google Adwords and Analytics solutions. Every paid search campaign we launch is accorded rich industry insight and skill.

Why Consider Local PPC Advertising?

Small businesses looking to drive quality traffic to their website should consider investing in local PPC advertising. When it comes to marketing, businesses need to collaborate with an experienced PPC advertising firm that can properly configure, optimize, and manage their local campaigns.

The working of local PPC advertising is outrightly different from that of traditional local SEO services. When properly harnessed, it doesn’t take long before local businesses begin to observe significant growth in search traffic with this powerful marketing tool. The combined effect of PPC advertising with Google Maps marketing and SEO strategies can be even more potent in boosting local traffic for any business website.

How Our Local PPC Company Can Help Your Small Business

At Local Search FX, we specialize in helping local businesses gain quality traffic by specifically targeting highly qualified Web searchers within their area who are mainly interesting in their products and/or services. We always adhere to a well-structured process to enable us execute effective search campaigns for our clients.

Research and Planning

For our pay per click campaigns to be effective, it all begins with thorough market research. We always work closely with our clients to ensure that the right strategy is adopted to push their PPC campaign forward. This whole process often involves in-depth discussions on the business objectives of our clients and their target audience. After which, a thorough keyword and competitive analysis are performed.

Setup and Execution

Obviously, without a well-organized setup, a successful PPC campaign cannot be achieved. We always work closely with our clients to ensure that their campaigns are well-constructed with Ad Groups focusing on a range of targeted keywords.

In a bid to enable users to find relevant landing pages, efficient keyword match types are used to set up these campaigns based on the targeted search query. Also, custom Ad Copy can be employed to set up Ad Groups.

Interestingly, our strategies are also open to brick and mortar businesses. Businesses that rely on foot traffic can benefit from our mobile specific PPC campaigns. Ultimately, we focus on enhancing campaign performance for our PPC clients locally by employing negative keywords and ad extensions.

Continued Optimization, Reporting and Analytics

As part of our ongoing local PPC optimization process, we constantly work with our local PPC advertising clients to enable them gain better local paid search ROI with the best available conversion rates. We do this by regularly improving cost per acquisition metrics and cost per clicks conversions.

Along with other helpful internet marketing tools, we specialize in utilizing Google Analytics to perform effective measurement and analysis of local PPC advertising campaigns. Every month, we support our local PPC clients with in-depth reporting and analytics. This can also be done on a quarterly basis.

Depending on your budget, our professionals know just how to organize the right local PPC advertising strategy that can yield the desired results regardless of the size and scope of your business.




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