Increase Your Business’s Search Visibility with Local SEO

If you own a business that relies on a local customer base, investing in professional local SEO services is one of the best ways to spend your marketing dollars. Look at it this way: there are individuals in your local area who are actively searching for what you have to offer. And there is no better way to generate in-market traffic to your site than via local search.

An effective local SEO program can dramatically improve the visibility of your business in the local search results. With Captivate Local, our team can help you achieve this using proven methodologies and SEO best practices.

Our local SEO experts implement the most up-to-date Google local SEO strategies. With multi-layer focus in optimizing your company’s website, Google My Business listing(s), and other web properties, we help produce top organic rankings as well as higher visibility in Google’s local map results. 

Below you can learn more about our local SEO services and how we can help grow your business.

What is Local SEO & How Does it Work?

Simply put, local SEO is a subcategory of search engine marketing that focuses on attracting more local search traffic to a website. There are two primary channels where local SEO services can have an impact on a website’s local search visibility: locally focused organic SEO strategies and local maps optimization campaigns.

Lcocal SEO Organic 

Local organic SEO strategies focus on building a website’s topical relevancy and trust for targeted keyword phrases.

These keyword phrases typically hinge upon products or services that the business investing in local SEO services has to offer. Often times these keyword targets include a geo-modifier (aka the name of the city or zip code in which the user is looking for that product or service.)

Using a geographically targeted keyword strategy, we were able to help SB Aesthetics of Santa Barbara, CA reach the top 4 organic spots for its highly competitive primary keyword target:


Your Professional Local SEO Service Provider

While every client is different and requires a non-cookie-cutter approach to local SEO, many of the fundamental processes remain consistent no matter who our client is. From franchises investing in multi-location SEO services to small businesses pursuing Google Maps marketing, we customize each SEO program to suit the goals and budgets of each client.

When you work with the local SEO experts at Captivate Local, we have a proven process for helping our clients achieve their goals. First we start with intensive discovery including Keyword & Competitive Analysis. This discovery phase helps inform our optimization plan. Once we have a plan in place, we optimize our client’s website for optimal keyword value.

Completing the foundational work, we claim and optimize our client’s Google local map listing for maps optimization. Once the foundation is set, we begin our strategic ongoing content marketing and citation clean up campaign to promote higher rankings both organically and next to the Google local map.

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